Full name of children : Aitaram Gurung
Date of birth of children: 2054/09/10
Sex: Male
Birth place of children : Gorkha, Lapubesi-3
Arrival date in C.D.C.A home : 5th feb-2007
Kind of disability of children : Don’t have left hand and left leg
How many times? : Putting artificial legs 3 time
Name of school: Pushpalal Memorial College
Location of school : Chabahil, KTM
Class: +2 completed
Name of father: – Aaitawal gurung
Name of mother: Padhmani Gurung
Age: 55 yrs
Economics condition: Poor

Aitaram is 20 year old village boy. He was born in Gorkha, Lapubesi-3. His father name is Aaitawal Gurung and mother name is Padhmani Gurung but now she is no more. There are 6 members in his family, father, 3 elder sister, 1 elder brother and himself. All his family members are uneducated. The economic background of my family is poor. His father is too weak so, he can’t work. His two sister have got married, his brother works in small industries. He was born with disabilities. He was born without the left hand and left legs. For him , it was very difficult to do his daily activities. He did’t join the school because of having disabilities. When Aiteram was 9 years , old , his parent got contact with Mr Dendi Sherpa. Mr Dendi Sherpa was a tourist guide. He have got his own profession. At the moment the CDCA organization have not been established. There were no concept of CDCA organization.

Mr Dendi used to guide the tourist to the beautiful place of Nepal, so as a regular schedule of Mr Dendi, he went to guide the tourist to Gorkha. But this time he met the poor family where there is one disable children named Aiteram Gurung who was born without the left leg and left hand. Mr Dendi was more interested in listening the history of Aiteram Gurung problem.

After listening his problem he decide to help him by establishing such organization who can provide education, treatment and rehabilitate to the disable children who are really in search of sponsor for their disability. There were other disable children in that village. He also decided help them. He brought three of them from Gorkha to Kathmandu. While returning from Gorkha. Along with Maile Gale, Aetey Ram Gurung and Sarita Gale were brought in Kathmandy by Mr Dendi Sherpa.

After that Mr Dendi headed his process to open the organization for the disable children who can provide the education, rehabilitation and the treatment for the disable children .

Now its been eleven year of our journey the establishment of our organization CDCA who work for the betterment of disable children who are socially and economically sounds very poor. The artificial leg and hand were kept in Aiteram body. We have provided the education to Aiteram, now he has finished the higher education and waiting for the result.

He looks very happy after keeping the artificial left leg and left hand to his body. We feel so happy the excitement that he got after being kept left hand and left leg in his body. Our organization will be keep providing this kind of human welfare service to the disable children who sounds economically and socially very poor.

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