Full name of children : Askal Chaudhary
D.O.B : 1993 May 28
Sex : Female
Birth place of children: Lumbini, Uttar Rahatkal
Arrival date in C.D.C.A home : 2016 June 5
Kind of disability of children: backbone problem by birth
If children is reading:-
Name of school : Baluddhar College
Location of school : Kapan, KTM
Class : 12
Name of father:- Barsathi Tharu
Name of mother: Sirtaji Tharu

Askal Chaudary is 24 year old , village girl. She was born in Lumbini , Uttar Rahatkhal. She have got five family member.  She has one little brother and elder sister who has got married . Her father name is Barshate Tharu and mother name is Sirtaji Tharu.

Her parent work as a labour and also involved in farming. Her economic condition is very poor, she do not have normal living standard of life. She was born normal, there was no health problem when she was born. But when she was at the age of 6/7 year old, she was sick.

At the moment there parent didn’t notice her problem properly. Their parent were too much busy in their work. Askal Chaudhary parent thought she will be fine in coming days.  They took Askal Chaudary to the hospital after sometime later.

The doctor said that she had some problem in her backbone, so she need to do some medical test and examination, so after we can say that what she should be done to cure her back problem but at the moment they were getting late for their work.

Her parent economic condition was too bad, that there unable to afford the medical facities to her daughter. They brought her daughter to the home without doing the treatment thinking that she will be fine after providing the natural herb along with rest.

But there were wrong at the moment. There were no one to provide the proper support and help to her parent that she should send to hospital for to have the treatment . So she was left with backbone problem. She grew up with her backbone problem.

She has struggle a lot in her life. Along with her problem, she manage to go school.  Now she has passed grade 10 and continuing her study in Grade 12. We CDCA organization got contact with Askal Chaudhary by the tailoring programme organized by our CDCA organization at Kapilbastu.

At that tailoring programme Askal Chaudary was also participated to develop her skill through tailoring. We CDCA organization organized this kind of tailoring programme whole year. We have got annually schedule about the tailoring programme.

Through that traning she was brought by Dendi Sherpa at CDCA for to have the better education and for the tailoring. She was brought here at 2016. Now she is doing her higher studies with her tailoring programme.

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