Bhupendra Rai is a 16 year old boy. He was born in Kotang, Bhaun Dada. He have got one little brother and one big brother. His father name is Chaure Rai and mother name is Kumari Rai.

He was normal during his birth, but later after the two year of his birth, he find some difficulties in his back. At the age of two year his parent took him to the Banepa Hospital to have the treatment.

The doctor said that Bhupendra Rai have got cancer related to his back, so he need to do operation immediately. At the moment it was very important for the operation of Bhupendra Rai, but having the economical problem, they were unable to do the operation.

Later the one of the village teacher of Bhupendra Rai requested the doctor they were too poor, they cannot afford for the operation cost. After that the Dr. Bijupachhe decide to provide him the operation with free of cost. He was there for two year at the Banepa hospital. So after the complete treatment of Bhupendra, the doctor said he need to have one more operation in coming day.

After he will be completely fine. Bhupendra felt more comfortable to walk after the operation, he was able to walk proper now without the pain. Later the Dr Bijupachhe approached to our organization (Central for Disable Children Asistance) who is our old friend of CDCA.

He requested us to help Bhupendra for education, lodging, fooding and medical treatment. We the team of CDCA decide to provide the help to Bhupendra and continue his education along with lodging, fooding and medical treatment. He was brought in CDCA in 2009. Its been a eight year that he started living in CDCA and became the part of CDCA organization. He is fine here now, he is studying in class 7. He don’t have any medical complication regarding his health. He is happy and good at CDCA.

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