Helping Hands

  • SAMSAL, South Korea
    SAMSAL has been supporting CDCA since 2010 in the title”Scholarship for Disabled children & children from poor families at Private boarding School (Kapan, Kathmandu , 2 Non-Formal Education for women (Kapan- Kathmandu & Rahatkot- Kapilvastu, Nepal, 1 sewing training class for women (Shivapur- Kapilvastu), Installation of Improved cooking stoves (Birpur, Shivapur, Madhawa VDCs – Kapilvastu)”.
  • Himalayan High Country Equipment & VH Nepal
    This tailoring workshop has established on 2012 in a mission of empowering lives of women and children with disabilities by promoting, marketing Nepali ready made products produced in the workshop in National market. It is an internal sustainability source of CDCA contributing 30% of its profit in the Education of Children with Disabilities and Medical Treatment support.

Supporting Schemes:

Individual and organization could support us as:

* Direct Donation.

* Sponsor a child.

* Gifts -In- Kinds.

* Volunteer service

* Coordinating with us to implement projects

* Buying products produced by the Himalayan High Country Equipment.

You can call us,send us a message or visit our office in Kapan

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