Full name of children : Kami Sherpa
Date of Birth : 12/04/2005
Age : 11
Mother’s name : Sani Sherpa
Father’s name : Pasang dawa Sherpa
Family members : 6 members
Permanent Address : Okhaldhunga, Rawadalu-1
Kind of disabilities : Both legs and spinal problem
Arrival date in cdca : 15th march 2017
Grade : 0ne
Name of the school : Prashanti Academy

Kami Sherpa have poor economic background. His sister and brothers are also disable after birth. He have deformity in his both legs and spinal problems. He cannot walk properly. His father and mother are uneducated so they don’t have good job to provide education, treatment and others facilities for him.

Now, he needs physical exercise so we have provided him physiotherapy. Due to his exercise, his family stop his school. He got suffered by this disease when he was 9 years old. His parents have to face very hard times due to the lack of enough money. The village was also far from the city and the parents wait for the healing by different traditional methods of treatment. They totally depends on the witch doctors. They do not have proper counselling and treatment of the children so they have to face the severe problem of disability.

Okhaldhunga is one of the remotest district of Nepal which is lagging behind the development and the people have to spend most of their time in the work with low payment. The geography of the village is very difficult with lack of basic facility of health, education and other facilities.

In his village there is no facilities of medical and hospital. Due to this his family are waiting for his treatment but it not success so, he was suffered from this type of disease. His village is in remote area. Now, he is in Kathmandu in the process of his treatment and from next week he would be in cdca home.

The photo is Kami Sherpa with his mother .


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