Maila Gale is 17 years old village boy. He was born in Gorkha, Uhiya 9. He have got five family member. He have got one big brother, one younger sister and his father and mother. His father name is Bahadur Gale and mother name is Purnima Gale. He belongs very poor family. His family doesn’t have the proper income source for the livelihood .

Their parent engage in traditional agriculture where there is no enough production for them to have the saving. Their farming is only helping them to fulfill their daily needs hardly. He was born normally. There was no problem with his health, when he was three year old, he had an accident in his house .

He was left alone in house with his brother, there parent have gone to the work. He and his brother were playing at the moment, after playing an hour, his brother asked him to sleep, he went to sleep,but when he was in asleep.

He cannot sleep in one posture, he used change this body position while sleeping, but accidentally this time his both legs was touched by the burning fire, his right legs was completely born by the fire and at the moment there was no one in his house to bring him immediately to the hospital.

Later on, also he was not send to the hospital, due the poor economic condition of his family. His parent were illiterate. At the moment there was no one to give the right suggestion for the treatment of Maila Gale. Their parent visited different black magician which we called jakkri in Nepal.

Maile gale treatment was done according the guide lines provide by the black magician called jakkri. He were offered different herb for the treatment but were not helping for him to cure his legs. Maile gale problem were getting serious day by da , and there no one to help him

At the moment there were sigh of hope for the help and support for the treatment of Maila Gale.

Later on, after the three year of the Maila Gale accident. Maile Gale parent got contact with Mr Dendi Sherpa. Mr Dendi Sherpa was a tourist guide . He have got his own profession. At the moment the CDCA organization have not been established. There were no concept of CDCA organization.

Mr. Dendi used to guide the tourist to the beautiful place of Nepal, so as a regular schedule of Mr Dendi, he went to guide the tourist to Gorkha. But this time he met the poor family where there is one disable children named Maile Gale whose both leg were burn accidentally during his childhood. From that moment his treatment were not done according to the accident. Mr Dendi was more interested in listening the history of Maila Gale problem.

After listening his problem he decide to help him by establishing such organization who can provide education, treatment and rehabilitate to the disable children who are really in search of sponsor for their disability. There were other disable children in that village. He also decide help them. He brought three of them from Gorkha to Kathmandu. While returning from Gorkha. Along with Maile Gale, Aetey Ram Gurung and Sarita Gale were brought in Kathmandy by Mr Dendi Sherpa.

After that Mr Dendi headed his process to open the organization for the disable children who can provide the education, rehabilitation and the treatment for the disable children .

Now its been eleven year of our journey the establishment of our organization CDCA who work for the betterment of disable children who are socially and economically sounds very poor. We did operation of left legs of Maila Gale and have put the artificial leg to his right legs. Now he can walk properly with artificial legs .

He had completed his school level & going to join higher secondary . He looks very happy after the improvement in his legs. We feel so happy the excitement that he got after being improved in his legs. Our organization will keep providing this kind of human welfare service to the disable children who sounds economically and socially very poor.

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