Full name of children : Manish Rai
Date of Birth : 2013/04/12
Age : 4 years
Mother’s name : Kalpana Rai
Father’s name : Bal Bahadur Rai
Family members : 4
Sister’s name : Pratishya Rai
Permanent Address : Pawaiee-5, Solukhumbhu

Manish Rai is a new child in CDCA shelter. He arrived at the end 2016 A.D in CDCA shelter. He study in grade Nursery in Prashanti Academy. When he was one year old the accident was occurred.

The accident happens at the morning time his mother was cooking food and left him slept in the house and went to field. By the time he woke up and crawl to the fire and fire caught the both leg of him.

Suddenly, he cried and her mother listened. She came back and found him. His leg was burnt. Their family condition was poor. So she couldn’t offer good hospital. So she takes to the health post near by the village as there was no hospital nearby.

After that she went to Namchebazar for the work. She worked there in the hotel and earns some money. Came to the Kathmandu for the treatment after 3 years (the accident occurred).

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