Name of child : Shamjhana Rai
Date of birth : 11/11/1996
Sex : Female
Birth Place : Dhipsung-6, Khotang
Arrival date in CDCA : 2011
Kind of disability : Polio
Location of School : Kapan, Kathmandu
Grade: 11
Father’s name: Lila Bahadur Rai
Mother’s name: Dilsova Rai
Economic condition: Poor

Shamjhana Rai is from Khotang district and her village name is Dhipsung-6. There are 4 members in her family. Her family’s economic condition is very poor. Shamjhana’s mother and father are living in a village.

She has one big sister. Her father doesn’t live with her mother. Her father have one more wife too. Her father lives separately with his other wife. She was born with polio. At the time, there was no one to provide the best suggestion for the polio due to the lack of education.

If she have got the medical treatment at right time during her small age, her polio can be healed at that moment, but her parents took her to the hospital at the age 9. At the moment she was given some medicine.

Later on she was brought in CDCA through Pasang Sherpa who were well known about the activities and goals about the CDCA organization. She arrived in 2068 B.S in CDCA home. She study in grade 10 in Prashanti Academy. Her studies is good. Her hobbies are singing, dancing and reading story.

Her aim is to be a teacher. They worked in field as a farmer. Her elder sister used to work in school. She have deformity polio by birth. She can’t walked with the support of stick.

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