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Sanjiv Rai

Name: Sanjiv Rai
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 13th August 2013
Current Address: Sundarbasti, Budhanilkantha-8
Permanent Address: Dhangadimai Municipality ward no.14, Siraha
Father’s name: Prem Bahadur Rai
Mother’s name: Pushpa Thapa

Family background:
Sanjiv Rai is 8 years boy from Siraha district Dhangadhimai Municipality ward no 14 and currently living with her grandmother in Budhanilkantha Municipality ward no 8.His father and mother were separated and married to another person. So, because of that, he doesn’t get love and care from his parents.

Child case report
He was a normal child but when he was 6 months, they found that he had pneumonia and they took him to the hospital. Later his parents found that he had problems with his head because of pneumonia and the doctor provide him with 3 months of medicine. And when he was 3 years old his parents left him. So, now he is living with his grandmother. Now he has difficulty walking (a problem in both legs) and a problem with the eye& his mother is working as a laborer so financially problem he can’t send him to school. That’s the reason why CDCA decided to support him.

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