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Centre for Disabled Children Assistance (CDCA) is a non-for-profit making specifically children with disabilities (CwDs) focused non-governmental, non-partisan and secular non-governmental organization. CDCA is founded by a group of nine people with the aim of advancing the lives of CwDs those from the remotest part of the Himalayan region of Nepal. It is officially registered with District Administration Office (DAO) of Kathmandu in 2006 with the registration number-861. And, has an affiliation with Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal since November 5, 2011 (affiliation number-20,726).


Mr. Dendi Sherpa is professionally a tourist guide. And, therefore, he travels all over the Nepal mostly with foreigners particularly in the Himalayan regions – the natural beauty of Nepal. While travelling, the worst and most pitiable lives of CwDs those mostly from the remotest part of the country strike in his mind to do something towards making difference in their lives. He found that those CwDs are extremely excluded from the family, society and even from the geographical structures. So far, he had similar experiences in his childhood. These all factors motivated him eternally to establish a “CDCA Home” so that those CwDs can live and, challenge the difficulties to bring the differences in their lives.


With this initiatives, CDCA has currently sixteen children with physical disabilities (9 boys & 7 girls) ranging ages from 5 to 18 years old who are from different parts of the districts viz. Gorakha, Jumla, Khotang, Solukhumbu, Sindhupalchowk and Dolakha districts of Nepal. All these districts are geographically remotest, socio-economically and educationally disadvantaged. Therefore, CDCA is providing them intensive care with homely environment, medical treatment to combat with disabilities and school education to impart light of knowledge in their minds.


CDCA does not only rehabilitate the CwDs from poorest families of remotest areas of Nepal instead it is conducting different types of programmatic interventions. For instances, it annually provides free of cost medical treatment to those children with physical disabilities who are financially poor and are from the poorest families of the remotest places. Moreover, it provides scholarship to the needy school children for their partial support to acquire school education.

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