Full name of children : Ang Dawa Sherpa
Date of birth of children : 2002 March 23
Sex: Male
Permanent address : Juming-1, Solukhumbhu
Arrival date in C.D.C.A home : 29th march 2009 A.D
Kind of disability of children : Effect in right hand by accident
How many times? : No operation
Name of school : Prashanti Academy
Location of school : Kapan, KTM
Class : 10
Name of father : Dagombu Sherpa
Economics condition : Poor

Ang dawa sherpa is 16 years old village boy. He was born in Solukhumbhu district, Juming 1. He have got six family member. He have got one elder brother and two elder sister. HIs father name is Dagombu Sherpa and mother name is Dolma Sherpa. His mother do a agricultural work and father is carpenter .

He was born normally like other child. There was no problem with his health physically and mentally when he was at the age of three.

He had an accident. While playing with his friends he was fall from the edge of the roof .

His right hand was fractured by falling from the roof. He was not provided medical service at the moment due to having the economical problem. His treatment was done with natural herb available near by them.

Later on, he got contact with CDCA organization through uncle Janbhu Sherpa who was well known about our CDCA organizationa and was in fine relation with our CDCA organization.

He was broght in CDCA organization at the date of 29th march 2009. Its been 10 year that he has joined the CDCA organizzation. He is studying now. He is studying in Grade 10 in Orashanti academy. He is good in study. He is having new life in CDCA organization and heading toward his better future.

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