Bhumika Adhikari is an 11 years girl. She was born in Khotang District. She belongs to very poor family where economic and social sound is very poor. Her village name is Jaleshor-6.Her father name is Kulprasad Adhikari and mother name is Bima Adhikari. Her father doesn’t have connection with her family. Her father has brought another wife.

Her family does traditional farming which is only helpful to fulfill their basic need hardly. She arrived in 2069 B.S in CDCA home. She studies in grade 4 in Prashanti Academy & she is intelligent students. She shows her interest in dancing, singing, reading and playing with friends. She lost her both legs in accident on fire.

Her mother is the patient if epilepsy. Their family was not able to do the treatment due to poor economic condition. They also believe in witch doctors and they believe that they believe that she is possessed by demons. In the same time her father abandoned them and married another woman.

One day when she was 4 month old, while mother was breastfeeding her she had epilepsy attack; during that attack she threw Bhumika into the fire. The nearby hospital was 2 days walking distance. There were not any transportation facilities. She had basic treatment there. Her family was to able afford proper treatment. Her both of the legs were 3rd degree. Doctors suggested amputating both leg due to contamination and there was high risk of spreading in other parts.

From that date she is under regular physiotherapy and treatment. She needs prosthetic legs.

She is walking and moving around with the help of the artificial leg and skating. The hospital name is Limb Tech, Jorpati. But the cost of her both legs is high.

It will be ready & she is practicing to walk. The legs should be changed time to time because the increment in the weight and height will create problem in the use of the leg.


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