Full name of child : Manish Rai
Date of Birth : 2013/04/12
Age : 6 years
Mother’s name : Kalpana Rai
Father’s name : Bal Bahadur Rai
Family members : 4
Sister’s name : Pratishya Rai
Permanent Address : Pawaiee-5, Solukhumbhu

Manish Rai is a youngest  child in CDCA Care Home. He study in grade UKG in Prashanti Academy Budhanilkantha 12 Kapan Kathmandu.

When he was one year of old, one fine mooring his mother put him to sleep and kept him near the fire pit. As the birth place of Manish Rai is located in the cold. Then his mother went to work in her daily household activity she cook food and went to work in the potato field. Manish Rai was left along in the house, while he was sleeping he rolled down and feel in the fire pit. He was only crawling little bit at this age, thus when he feel in the fire pit he was not able to get out of it.

In the distance mother of Manish Rai heard the loud cry of her child. So, she rushed back to home from potato field and saw her child in the fire pit. She quickly run to rescue him and pick him from the fire. She took him to near by health post where he got primary health care service. Then she was suggested to take hospital in the city. His family was not able to arrange money for the treatment as economical condition was poor.

Days went by on this way,his condition was degrading day by day. At that time his mother worked in the hotel in Namchebazar. Here a trekking time of foreigner. They brought him to the Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, Kathmandu. Here he was diagnosed as: deformity bilateral lower limb with above knee amputed right leg and post burn contractual left ankle for 3 years and was treated at that center. During examination there was above knee amputated right lower limb with scar and healthy stump. There was deformity with contractual over left ankle.

Now he is having physiotherapy with the prosthetic with bendable knee. He recently got bendable knee but before he has hard prosthetic. Physiotherapist of CDCA assist him to practice him. These day he wears prosthetic to go to school.


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