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Manisha Magar - CDCA

Full name of children : Manisha magar
Date of birth of children : 1999 August 18
Sex : Female
Permanent address : Dudhphokhari-7, Dolakha
Arrival date in C.D.C.A home : 25th Aug 2009
Kind of disability of children : Swollen back bone by accident
How many times? No operation
Name of school : Prashanti Academy
Location of school : Kapan, KTM
Class: 10
Name of father : Indra Bahadur Magar
Economics condition : Poor

Manisha magar is 14 years old, village girl. She was born in Dalakha district, Dudhphokhari 7. She have got six family member. She have got one elder brother, one younger brother and one younger sister.

Her father name is Indra Bahadur Magar and mother name is Chandra Kumari Magar. Her father have brought a another wife too. His father doesn’t stay with them and won’t care about them.

Her mother works as labor for the livelihood. Manisha magar was born normally . She was physically and mentally fit and fine. But when she was at the age of three year old, she had an accident. She fall from the roof while playing with her friend.

Her back was swollen due to falling from the roof. At the moment her uncle gave the money for the treatment of her, but her father used that money for drinking alcohol. Later on, she was brought to the HRDC hospital at Banepa where the doctor said to the mother Manisha Magar that if we do operation of her back, she might be paralyses.

The doctor suggested to the mother Manisha Magar that physiotherapy would be better for to improve her back problem. She was got contact with CDCA organization by the social welfare ministry of Nepal. The social ministry of department of Nepal have requested our CDCA organization
to provide the rehabilitation and medical treatment to manisha magar .

They send us the request letter to support and help Manisha Magar. She arrived in CDCA organization at the date of 25th august 2009. Its been nine year that she has joined the CDCA organization. Now she is studying in grade 10 in Prashanti academy. She is happy here and moving forward for her better career.

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