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Mina Gurung - CDCA

Full name of children : Mina gurung
Date of birth of children : 2006 November 25
Sex : Female
Permanent address : Gorkha, laprak-6
Arrival date in C.D.C.A home : 2011
Kind of disability of children : Effect in right hand
How many times? Doing daily physiotherapy
Name of school : Prashanti Academy
Location of school : Kapan, KTM
Class : 4
Name of father : Kashiram gurung
Economics condition : Poor

Mina Gurung 11 years old, village girl. She was born in Gorkha, Laprak 6. She have got six family member. She has two little sister who were died during the massive earthquake of 2014.

She has one little brother. Her father name is Kashiram Gurung and mother name is Basanti Gurung. Her family economic condition is very poor.

Mira was born with the physical disabilities. She was born with the paralise. She could n’t move her body properly .

She is 50% percent paralise with mentally. She has not provide the medical treatment since her birth. She is paralise physically and mentally.

Her parent were so poor that they couldn’t afford the medical treatment to her daughter Mina Gurung .

So she was with paralisis problem from her birth. Later on, Mina parent got contact with the CDCA organization through ex vice president of CDCA organization. She was brought here at CDCA at the age of 6 year .

Now its beens 6 years that she has been in CDCA organization. Along with the medical treatment of Mina Gurung. She is studying here at CDCA. Now she is studyingin grade 4 .

She is having a good time here at cdca. She is having the new life here at CDCA organization. Now she has been one of the member of CDCA organization.

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