Nim Lamu Sherpa is a 24 year old, village girl. He is from the Sherpa community who is from the rural area of eastern part of Nepal, Lokhim 9 ,Solukhumbhu.

She was born in Solukhumbhu. She was born having health problem. She had a spinal injury problem from her birth. She have a big family. She have got six sister, two brother and father and mother. Nim Lamu family depends upon agriculture for their livelihood.

They fully depend upon agriculture for to survive, but their agriculture system is based on traditional system where they don’t have modern equipment to increase their production, their agriculture is only just helping to join their hand hardly for daily lives. So their agriculture is not helping them to earn extra income for saving.

Their economic status is very poor. Because of which Nim Lamu parent were unable to provide the medical treatment to her daughter. Along with with economic problem, Nim Lamu was facing spinal injury problem. They don’t have the good hospital at Solukhumbhu for spinal injury.

So she need go to capital city of Nepal , Kathmandu where she can have the proper facilities for spinal injury. But due to the poor economic condition, she even cant afford to go to the local hospital at Solukhumbhu. In this situation, to think to go to the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu for to have the treatment of her spinal injury is like a dream to her.

Coincidentally, Dendi Sherpa the member of CDCA (Central Diasable Children Assistant) met many disable children at Solukhumbhu during his trekking. There were many disable children in that area of Solukhumbhu, in which Nim Lamu was one of them. So after that Mr Dendi Sherpa decided to take Nim Lamu to the Kathmandu city for his medical treatment for her spinal injury. After giving the medical treatment to Nim Lamu, we send her to village.

The parent of Nim lamu were not ready to continue to her education because of their poor economic condition. So we assure them, you provide her education up to the school level, after that send her to CDCA for to continue her higher education + 2 in Kathmandu.

According to our assurance Nim Lamu have completed her school level in Solukhumbhu. Now she want to continue her education, so she came here at CDCA to continue her higher education +2 level. She has joined to collage in Kathmandu , Her collage name is Baaludar Highier secondary school which is at Kapan. Although she is weak in education, we have been providing her tuition to make better in her education.

We have the same problem related children at CDCA, her name is Aaskal Chaudhary, and she is studying in same collage where Nim Lamu Sherpa is studying. CDCA is also supporting the younger sister of Nim Lamu Sherpa, and she is also continuing her education at Baaludar Higher Collage where Askal Chaudary, Nim Lamu are studying. Because of having poor economic condition, Mingma Sherpa younger sister was given educational support by CDCA.

The CDCA is providing formal education,beside the formal education, it also involved in providing the other skill for the children to help them to make their career better in coming days. The CDCA organization is helping to Nim Lamu Sherpa education is that because she has got spinal injury due to which she cannot perform physical work for her livelihood .

So we decided to help her that only with help of education she can be able to make her future bright. So we focused on to provide the education for higher education to make her life easy in coming days

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