Pradeep Gurung - CDCA

Full name of children : Pradeep Gurung
Date of birth of children : 2003 November 2
Sex : Male
Permanent address : Gorkha, Gumda-5
Arrival date in C.D.C.A home : 8th feb-2008
Kind of disability of children : Effect on left hand and face by fire
How many times? 2 times operation on left hand
Name of schoo l: Prashanti Academy
Location of school : Kapan, KTM
Class : 7
Name of father : Maila gurung
Name of mother : Kanchi Gurung
Economics condition : Poor
Health condition : Normal

Pradeep gurung is 12 years old, village boy. He was born in Gorkha, Gumda 5. He have got seven family member. He have got two elder sister and two elder brother. His father name is Maila Gurung and mother name is Kanchi Gurung. He belongs to very poor family.

His parent are enage in agriculture through their livelihood is going on. Their agriculture is just helping them to full their daily basic needs. Along with agriculture their parent and brother do labor in other house .

Pradeep family doesn’t have the proper income source for the saving for to uplift the living standard of their family. Pradeep was fine and good when he was born. There was no health problem when Pradeep was born. But when he was at the age of 3 year old, he had an accident in the house.

He was carried by her mother at the back. At the moment her mother was making the traditional alcohol with carrying Pradeep on her back. Suddenly the knot which was bind behind her back to carry Pradeep got cut off, and Pradeep fell into the boiling water but luckily Pradeep left hand was only got caught by the boiling water .

His left hand was completely burn by the boiling water but pradeep parent didn’ t took him to the hospital for the treatment thinking that it could be cure by using the natural herb which was there in her house. He was treated with natural herb at the moment but it were not working properly according to the accident. Pradeep parent realise that natural herbs in not working properly .

He should be sent to the hospital but due to having the economic problem Pradeep parent were compelled to avoid hospital for the treatment of her son, Pradeep Gurung. After the two year of Pradeep Gurung accident, His parent got contact with CDCA ( Central For Disable Children Asistance ). His father Maila Gurung have heared about the CDCA organization which work for the betterment of disable people who were financially poor.

So Pradeep father came to approached our CDCA organization. Pradeep was brought at cdca at the age of 5 year old. Now its been 9 year that he has been in CDCA organization. During this period the left hand of Pradeep Gurung had an operation for two times.

His hand is getting better after the operation. Along with the medical treatment he is studying too. Now he is studying in grade 7. He is having a good time at CDCA.

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