Suku Maya is a 22 years old village girl. She was born in Okhaldunga. Her parents are no more. Her father was died before one year of her birth and  her mother died when she was 6 years old. She even have big brother but he also died after  one week of his birth.

Her father name is Rana Bahadur Rai and mother name is Dana Maya Rai. Her economic condition is very poor. She is physically disable. Her right hand was burn completely, when she was one year old.

At that time there were no one to take her to hospital. At the moment she managed to repair her hand using available medicine by surroundings which were not complete solution for the treatment of her hand.

Her childhood was not good, she didn’t get proper surroundings for the learning and there were no one to look after her properly, there was only her father but he also used to go to the cities for the work. For fulfilling her basic needs she herself Suku Maya Rai used to work as maid to other house and there she has to perform the work like cleaning, washing.

She was very interested to studing but due to her economic condition, she was getting problem in her education, but later she was sponsored by the Swiss Community Forest for her education up to higher secondary level, now she has completed her higher secondary education and she wants to continue her education. She was looking for other organization who can support for her education.

She have talked about the education support to many of her friend and others. They used to run the programme called perspective in Okhaldunga which work for the development of people to change their view, idea to bring the positive change in the society . The friend of Suku Maya Rai requested the programme organizer that she has got one disable friend who do have a keen interest in study, but due the economic problem she is not able to continue her highier education,

So if there is any organization who can support her disable friend education then let us help for that.

Later the programme organizer of perpestive came to approach our organization CDCA(Center for Disable Children Asistance ) who was very well known about our organization. She expected our organization to help her for her education.

So after listening the history of Suku Maya Rai. We CDCA organization decided to help her, we called Suku Maya Rai in our CDCA organization for her highier studied. Now Suku Maya Rai is at our CDCA organization.

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