Sumi Sherpa

Sumi Sherpa 20 years, girl from Solukhumbu, Lokhim-9, and .She has a big family. She has got six sister, two brother and father and mother. Her family depends upon agriculture for their livelihood.  She is the sister’s of Nim Lamu Shepa. Her father name is Mingma Norbu Sherpa and her mother name is Nimaposi Sherpa.


They fully depend upon agriculture for to survive, but their agriculture system is based on traditional system where they don’t have modern equipment to increase their production, their agriculture is only just helping to join their hand hardly for daily lives.  So their agriculture is not helping them to earn extra income for saving.

Their economic status is very poor. Because of which Sumi Sherpa parent were unable to provide education.  The parents of Sumi Sherpa were not ready to continue to her education because of their poor economic condition. So we assure them , to provide her education  up to  the school level ,  after   that send her to Kathmandu for to continue  her higher education  + 2 in Kathmandu . Now she is studying in grade 12 in Balu Uddhar Higher secondary School. Her study is good.


She wants to be independent and want to be guideline for other .We are supporting for her only for the education. She is not in the CDCA home. She is staying with the friend of Mr. Dendi Sherpa. She is very hard working girls. She is working in the restaurant as waiter, cleaner and learning the work after her class if off.

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