Name of child : Swastika Jirel
Date of birth : 31/08/2003
Sex : Female
Birth Place : Dhipsung-6, Khotang
Arrival date in CDCA : 2011
Kind of disability : Polio
Name of School : Prashanti Academy
Location of School : Kapan, Kathmandu
Grade : 10
Father’s name : Lila Bahadur Rai
Mother’s name : Dilsova Rai
Economic condition: Poor

Swastik Jirel is a 14 years old village girl. She was born in Jiri-6, Dolkha which lies in the eastern part of Nepal. She have got 4 family members. She have got one father mother, one sister and herself. Her father name is Manoj Kumar Jirel and mother name is krishna kumari Jirel. Her economic condition is very poor .

They have got no good family income. Her parents are engaged in in traditional agriculture where more production cannot be made. Their agriculture have just help them to fulfill their daily basic needs hardly. She is physically and mentally weak.

She cannot move properly and can’t think like other normal children. She arrived in 2068 B.S in CDCA home. She is studying in grade 3 in Prashanti Academy.

Her study is good but she can’t write fast while doing her homework. But we have provided physiotherapy for her and others too.

She takes much time to finish her homework, while doing homework, she prefers to watch television too. She writes one word & then watch TV. If someone is talking around, she loves to hear others conversation too & give a sweat smile to them.

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