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Yuman Shrestha

Yuman Shrestha

Name: Yuman Shrestha
Date of Birth: 4th November 2010
Mother’s name: Tilu Shrestha
Father’s name: Buddhi Kumar Shrestha

CASE STUDY: Single struggling parent

Many people have the different kinds of burden in their life like economy problem, proper transportation, communication, employment, education and technology. Among these kinds of problem health is one of the main problem and people from different parts of Nepal do not get proper treatments or services as well. So, the NGOs are there to support the families those who are in need but unfortunately the NGOs for children with disability in Nepal and especially in some parts of Nepal are very limited. Therefore, many children are not getting special care and their families have to also go through different kind of problems like not being able to provide enough and extra time for the children with disability as they have to also earn for their livelihood.

Here we present a case study of a person and her differently abled son:-

Family Background:
Til Kumari Shrestha was born in village named Makar of Nawalparasi district. She has four family members, her youngest son (Yuman Shrestha), husband and her elder son. She works in the construction side and is the only person who earns in the family as she does not live with her husband. Although she has not divorced her husband she lives with her two sons and her husband also does not help economically to the children so she has to look after everything which is very challenging for her. She does not have much time to give extra care to her son Yuman as she’s is the breadwinner of the family.

Yamun is in 6th grade now who was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP).

Yamun’s impairment:
Tilkumari’s son, Yamun who is 12 years now was born with CP. During his birth he was unconscious& after one week of his birth doctors came to know that his brain lacked oxygen and after that he was diagnosed with the lack of oxygen and he was admitted in ICU for 22 days and spinal fluid removal was also performed &he had to take 9 antibiotics after that surgery. After that he was recommended to CP Nepal Dhapakhel by Patan Hospital and after 6 months she took Yuman into CP Nepal. After 3 years only he could stand with the help of his thumb toe ‘Hallux’. He has to take 9 antibiotics a day. He has a difficulty in speech, to swallow food, problem in right leg and hand as well. But now because of her mother care and regular follow up for the treatment in him there was changes in him and at age of 7 to 8 years he started walking.
So currently he had completed grade 5 and there is only her mother to look after his brother and him because of that she couldn’t get time to work for their living and look after them. So, she came to CDCA for the help and CDCA has decided to support him for further study.

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